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Type Fu
Type Fu
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Type Fu

Type Fu is a website which provides a tutorial application for all those users who want to learn to type. It is absolutely free, and you do not have to pay anything for availing this service. It is readily available, and you can always practice typing on this site in order to improve your typing speed. It is obvious that the quality of your typing will improve if you take this tutorial. Lets look at some features of this typing website: *It provides the visual table for giving you support while typing. *It analyzes your typing speed and gives results on WPM (Words Per Minute). *You can also know how much accurate you are while typing at high speeds. *You can know how many seconds or minutes you have taken to complete each entry. *You can always shift from words to numbers and letters on this tutorial. *There are various difficulty levels in this tutorial. *It also has a speed chart for showing your overall development and improvement at different levels. Type Fu is available online (browsers supported are latest versions of Chrome, Chromium and Safari), on Mac ($4.99) and as Chrome extension ( https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/type-fu/okboeogmnhjpgbeaokfogelclpblaemo )

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