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KitchenHub ajanda programı
KitchenHub ajanda programı
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KitchenHub ajanda programı

KitchenHub is the all-in-one family organizer software that helps you manage your busy family life. Includes a shared family calendar, multi user e-mail, to do list, address book, recipe organizer, shopping list and sticky notes. Free 30-day trial. KitchenHub is the family organizer software designed for busy households, keeping you up to date with your family schedule, your tasks, your emails, your whole life. Works for all your family, allowing parents and children to have their own calendars, tasks and email accounts and brings them all together in one place to keep families connected. The family planner and home organization software that simplifies your family life and helps get rid of the clutter. Clear the fridge door, get rid of the sticky notes, put the address book away. No more missed appointments or forgotten birthdays. Includes a family calendar, to do lists, email, sticky notes, address book, recipe organizer, shopping lists and local weather, everything you need to help run your busy life. Stop wasting money every year on old fashioned paper family organizers, day runners, family planners, mom organizers and appointment diaries. Buy KitchenHub once and use it year after year after year. KitchenHub is the ideal organizing software for your desktop, laptop or touch screen computer and the perfect organiser software to run on your kitchen PC. Learn more about KitchenHub Family Calendar, Family Email, To Do List, Address Book, Recipe Organizer, Shopping List and Sticky Notes.

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